What makes Putzperle.de special?

Anyone looking for domestic help on the internet has many options. Besides Putzperle.de, other platforms also arrange domestic help and cleaners. But are the providers all the same? The differences are hard to see with the naked eye. We explain what is special about Putzperle.de and how it differs from the other platforms.

We connect people

At Putzperle.de we connect people all over Germany. With over 140,000 registered users, we have helped more than 50,000 households and companies to find a suitable domestic help since our foundation. With us, you are going to find the right cleaner in your area, guaranteed.

Find domestic help

You decide who comes to your home

With many placement platforms, you enter your requirements and are assigned a domestic helper. Many people who are looking for help do not have a good feeling about this, because often the domestic help works when the employer is not at home.
On Putzperle.de you can freely choose your domestic helper and decide yourself who comes to your home. You can arrange an initial interview and a trial assignment with the candidates in advance to get to know them.


100% of the salary goes to the cleaning lady

Many recruitment agencies have a commission-based business model. This means that they earn money for every hour worked by the domestic help. The cleaners have to pay a fixed commission to the agency, for example about 20% of their wages. With an hourly wage of 13€ the domestic help is left at the end with only 10,40€. Regardless of the qualifications of the cleaner, this hourly wage is below the minimum wage.

At Putzperle.de there are no commission payments - you only pay a one-time fee for using our platform. You pay 100% of the hourly wage to the domestic help. We help you to find and hire a domestic helper. All formalities, such as employment conditions, payroll and payment, you arrange directly with your domestic help and can thus decide independently.


By the way

On Putzperle.de the domestic helpers determine their hourly wage themselves based on their experience and qualifications. The final hourly wage is negotiated jointly by you and your domestic helper. In doing so, you can also take into account factors such as travel distance, duration and frequency of assignments, etc.

In this way, you benefit from lower costs and your housekeeper from a higher hourly wage.

Legal employment and fair wages

By hiring your domestic helper directly, you save up to €2.899 per year compared to placement agencies and your domestic helper receives a fair wage in a legal job.


Find domestic help easily

From cleaners to ironing help: With us you have a large selection of domestic helpers. Get started right away and receive suitable applications from local cleaners within a few hours.