What does Putzperle.de cost compared to other providers?

Anyone looking for support in the household has the choice between many placement platforms for domestic help. How the various providers differ is often difficult to see with the naked eye. But there are big differences - especially in the costs and working conditions of the domestic helpers.

Which platform is right for me?

When choosing a platform, you should first look at the costs. It is best not to compare hourly rates, but long-term costs, e.g. over the course of a year. Also take into account any one-off costs. This is the only way to get a realistic estimate.


Also find out about the working conditions of the domestic helpers:

Are there any commission payments for the housekeepers and how much of their wages do they have to hand over?

Are the domestic helpers insured against accidents?

Are the domestic helpers legally employed and registered?

What are the costs?

If you want to employ a domestic helper, you have to consider the costs involved beforehand. Caution is advised here, because there are often hidden costs that are not obvious at first glance. For example, many platforms demand commission payments from their cleaners - this means that the provider earns money per hour worked.
Here we explain how the annual costs are made up:

Placement agencies
Costs per hour (gross)
From € 14
From € 17
Costs per assignment
(4 hours)
From € 56
From € 68
one-off service fee
From € 16.90
Cost per year
(4 hours/week)
incl. one-off costs and insurance
€ 2.928,90
€ 3.570

What are the working conditions for the domestic helpers?

Even if all providers advertise fair working conditions, it is worth taking a closer look, e.g. which insurances are available or whether the household helper really receives a fair wage.
Here you can see a concrete comparison of the working conditions of a domestic helper in direct employment via Putzperle.de, in illegal employment on the black market and with a placement agency.

Undeclared work
Placement agencies
Price per hour for domestic help (gross)
From € 14
From € 10
From € 17
Accident insurance
(on mini-job basis)
Legal employment
(on mini-job basis)
How much of the hourly wage does the helper receive?
only approx. 70%
Rating of domestic helpers
Customer service

Choosing the right platform

Every provider of domestic help has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, it is important to know exactly what your priorities are.
If you value favorable prices and control over the employment, then Putzperle.de is the right placement platform for you. We have a large selection of domestic helpers throughout Germany and fair working conditions without commission payments. Try it out!

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