Why do I get unsuitable applications?

The more detailed and accurate your job offer is, the better domestic helpers can assess whether it is a good fit for them. We therefore recommend that you fill out your job offer as precisely as possible in order to receive suitable applications.

Useful additions to your job offer would be:

  • Frequency of assignments and number of hours per assignment (example: every 2 weeks for 2-3 hours each).
  • Asking price including whether net or gross wage is meant.
    Small tip: Read our article on the topic - How much does domestic help cost?
  • Exact description of the activity (example: classic flat cleaning incl. occasional windows).
  • Approximate size of the flat or number of rooms (example: 3.5 room flat with 2 bathrooms).

Have you completed your job offer and still no suitable domestic help has come forward? Use our search function, save suitable candidates in your favourites list and write to the best ones later.