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€ 20 / hour

Hello I will clean your houses. I have experience. i speak english



€ 15 / hour

Hi my name is Suman and I am an Indian. I am looking for part time job as I am studying MBA where I authorized 20 hours per week job only.


Andivy Reinigung service

€ 20 / hour

Am a woman with a good vision, very flexible and hard working my passion is putting smiles on customers faces very reliable and punctual.



€ 13 / hour

Kluge junge Dame, die es immer liebt, die Dinge in Ordnung zu sehen, und ihre Orte lieben auch eine saubere Umgebung



€ 35 / hour

Mein Name ist Maria ich bin einer sehr positive und fleißig Frau, ich suche in Raum München für Ca 20 bis 25 Stunden die Woche da ich schon in einer andere Familie schon angestellt bin wäre optimal …



€ 20 / hour

Hello, I am a student and looking for a mini job. I am passionate about every endeavor i engage in. I love to clean, to ensure the home is safe for everyone. I am the one you are looking for. I have 9…



€ 14 / hour

My name isAnnet. I am an experienced domestic worker(5years). A hardworking lady who is social and friendly. Working with me will be the best option.Thank you!



€ 20 / hour

Ich komme aus Portugal, habe als Putzfrau gearbeitet und mich um ältere Menschen gekümmert. Ich suche Perfektion bei der Arbeit. Ein sauberes Haus ist für mich auch gleichbedeutend mit Gesundheit. Ich…


WE Facility Management

€ 25 / hour

Kontaktieren Sie uns gerne einfach für Angebote oder fragen. Ihre Sauberkeit ist uns wichtig- We Facility Management Sandra und Nadine



€ 20 / hour

Hello I am from Poland. I Have a 5 years experience If you want to know more details please contact with me



€ 20 / hour

Hallo. Mein Name ist Justyna.Ich komme aus Polen. Meine Reinigungserfahrung beträgt 4 Jahre.



€ 20 / hour

Hello, I am a masters student looking for a mini job. I am passionate about cleaniless and living in a clean environment. I believe i will be of great help in keeping your home clean and safe for all.…



€ 15 / hour

I'm work hard person I have a lot of experience working at home cleaning I was worked in Italy as home cleaning and baby sitter.



€ 25 / hour

• Pingelig sauber • Ordnungsfanatikerin • Schnell



€ 20 / hour

Ich suche einmal pro Woche einen Job, das habe ich früher gemacht, ich kann auf Kinder aufpassen. Ich bin sehr flexibel.



€ 18 / hour

Hallo ich möchte mich kurz vorstellen. Mein Name ist Meri und ich wohne glücklich in münchen nach meinem aktuellen Beruf hausfirtschafterin und kindererzierin.helferin zeit 12 Jahre nach mein schu…



€ 20 / hour

Ich bin eine junge Frau. Ich bin Albaner. Ich habe in Albanien als Sportlehrer studiert. Ich bin seit kurz in Deutschland umgezogen, deshalb spreche ich sehr wenig Deutsch und deshalb es ist mir liebe…


Clean by Hand Reinigung

€ 20 / hour

Wir sind ein Putz-Pärchen mit langjährige Berufserfahrung im Bereich Housekeeping/Haushalt/Wäsche. Wir haben weltweit unter anderem für UHNW(ultra-high-net-worth) Familien in Schweden, Belgien, Monaco…



€ 20 / hour

Am self disciplined and efficient ensuring a clean environment, and am good at time management



€ 18 / hour

Hallo :) Ich heiße Miranda und Ich suche dringend Arbeit. Ich kann gut putzen aber auch andere Sachen machen. Schreibt mir bitte

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Looking for office cleaning in Munich?

To find a reliable and professional office cleaning service as quickly and easily as possible, here you can learn what office cleaning involves, how much office cleaning costs, and many more tips for a clean workplace.

What is office cleaning?

You can hire office cleaning in Munich as spot cleaning, deep cleaning, or maintenance cleaning.

Spot cleaning – the superficial cleaning

Spot cleaning removes visible dirt superficially, such as coffee stains at a workstation or in the office kitchen. Or it might involve briefly sweeping the floor. Because spot cleaning requires little time and effort, it is often done by employees.

Maintenance cleaning – the regular cleaning

Maintenance cleaning occurs regularly in your office and is meant to maintain the basic cleanliness of your workspaces. Typical cleaning tasks for maintenance cleaning in Munich include cleaning the toilets and emptying the waste bins.

Deep cleaning – the intensive cleaning

For a deep cleaning in Munich, you let your office be cleaned intensively. This involves removing dirt from parts and surfaces of your office spaces that are overlooked during maintenance cleaning. Deep cleaning is important for keeping hard-to-reach places clean. This thorough cleaning of your office should be carried out at least once or twice a year.

What does office cleaning include?

Office cleaning includes regular and additional cleaning tasks. Maintenance cleaning takes place at regular intervals. Additional cleaning tasks are carried out as part of a deep cleaning.

Which cleaning tasks are included in maintenance cleaning?

Maintenance cleaning takes place regularly. Depending on how many employees work in your office, it may be sensible to perform some cleaning tasks more frequently. With only a few employees, it might be sufficient to clean your office spaces once a week.

Daily cleaning services in maintenance cleaning

The following services are usually carried out daily in maintenance cleaning:

  • Cleaning and possibly disinfecting toilets and other sanitary facilities – sinks, toilets, showers, etc.
  • Refilling toilet paper
  • Emptying waste bins and garbage cans
  • Wiping desks, telephones, and other surfaces
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • Cleaning up conference rooms and wiping tables

If you need office cleaning less frequently, you can also have these tasks carried out together with the weekly cleaning tasks mentioned below.

Weekly cleaning services in maintenance cleaning

The following services can be carried out weekly as part of maintenance cleaning:

  • Vacuuming carpeted floors
  • Mopping floors
  • Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting sanitary areas
  • Cleaning surfaces in the office kitchen
  • Dusting office cabinets and other office furniture

If you require office cleaning in Munich for a larger office with high utilization, it may be sensible to have the aforementioned cleaning tasks or parts thereof carried out daily.

Consider which cleaning tasks make sense for your office and talk to your cleaner or cleaning company. Together, you can develop your individual cleaning plan.

Which cleaning tasks are included in a deep cleaning?

In addition to maintenance cleaning, you can have further cleaning tasks carried out. How about, for instance, a window cleaning in Munich?

You can simply agree with your cleaner or cleaning company on which parts of your office you would like to have cleaned and how often. We recommend having a deep cleaning carried out at least once or twice a year.

The following cleaning tasks are part of a deep cleaning:

  • Dusting and wiping shelves, cabinet walls, and other office furniture
  • Wiping dust off computers and other office equipment
  • Intensively cleaning and disinfecting sanitary facilities and washrooms
  • Thoroughly cleaning floors and possibly resealing them
  • Cleaning windows (window frames, glass panes, window sills)
  • Cleaning light switches and sockets
  • Cleaning radiators
  • Wiping skirting boards
  • Cleaning doors (door frames and leaves)
  • Cleaning door handles, handrails, stair railings, and possibly disinfecting them
  • Sweeping and mopping staircases
  • Cleaning the interior of the elevator and wiping dirt off elevator doors
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances (oven, dishwasher, microwave, etc.)

Again, the deep cleaning takes place according to your requirements. You decide which parts of your office are to be cleaned and how often. For example, you can also arrange for a staircase cleaning in in Munich more frequently. Just talk to your cleaner or cleaning company and get advice.

How much does office cleaning in Munich cost?

The price for office cleaning in Munich depends on what kind of cleaning you want to hire – maintenance cleaning or deep cleaning. Since deep cleaning is more comprehensive, it can be more expensive than a single maintenance cleaning. However, maintenance cleaning is performed more frequently. Therefore, a price-performance comparison is particularly worthwhile here.

What do cleaners charge for office cleaning in Munich?

Cleaners and cleaning companies on Putzperle.de charge between €12 and €18 per hour for office cleaning in Munich.

Please note that your cleaner must receive at least the statutory minimum wage of €12 per hour. If you employ your cleaner on a mini-job basis, you should specify the agreed hourly wage in a contract for a mini-job.

Example of daily maintenance cleaning

For a large office in Munich, it's best to hire a daily cleaning service. The price comparison is especially worthwhile here because the office cleaning takes place very frequently. The following table shows you the total costs you can expect at different hourly rates.

€12 per hour €15 per hour €20 per hour
Cost per day
(two hours)
€24 €30 €40
Cost per week
(five days)
€120 €150 €200
Cost per month
(four weeks)
€480 €600 €800
Example of weekly maintenance cleaning

If you want to hire office cleaning in Munich for a small office, it may be sufficient to have a weekly maintenance cleaning carried out.

Example: Your cleaner charges €16 per hour and needs a total of four hours per week to clean your workspaces. Therefore, you pay a total of €64 per week or approximately €256 per month, depending on how many weeks there are in the month.

Tip: If you hire a private cleaner for your weekly office cleaning instead of a company, you can employ them just like your other employees. Read more about this in our guide: Does a cleaner need a trade license?

Example of deep cleaning

Consider which cleaning tasks you would like to have carried out as part of a deep cleaning. Based on your list, you can obtain various offers and compare them.

Are you offered a flat rate for all desired cleanings or an hourly rate? In this case, it's best to ask how many hours are planned for the individual deep cleaning of your office spaces. Here's a possible comparison between a flat rate and an hourly package:

Flat rate Hourly basis
Hourly rate €15
Planned time 6 hrs. 6 hrs.
Price for deep cleaning €100 €90
Price for 8 hrs. €100 €120

The advantage of a flat rate: It does not increase if the deep cleaning takes longer. With an hourly rate, additional hours add further costs.

When can I have my office cleaned? (Cleaning times)

Depending on the utilization of your office, you can have the office cleaning done daily or weekly. The rule of thumb is: The larger the office and the more employees work there on a daily basis, the shorter the intervals between cleanings should be.

Using off-peak times for office cleaning

To avoid disrupting the workflow, off-peak times are suitable for office cleaning. This also depends on the working hours in your office. Ideally, your office should be cleaned outside of business hours.

If your office employees start working very early in the morning and leave the office premises in the late afternoon, then evening hours are more suitable for office cleaning. If the workday begins in the morning and ends in the evening, your cleaner can clean the office in the morning.


Employee working hours Cleaner's cleaning times
Early workday 8:00 – 16:30 17:00 – 19:00
Late workday 10:00 – 18:30 7:30 – 9:30

Have it cleaned on the weekend

Should your office be cleaned once a week? And do the employees kick off the weekend on Friday afternoon? Then it's best to look for office cleaning in in Munich that can be done in the late Friday afternoon.

If neither off-peak times nor Friday afternoon are suitable for maintenance cleaning, you can opt for a Saturday. A Saturday is also suitable for longer-lasting deep cleaning tasks.

Discuss in advance with your cleaner or cleaning company whether office cleaning on the weekend is possible.

For which companies is professional office cleaning worthwhile?

The short answer: It's worthwhile for every company.

It doesn't necessarily have to be the daily maintenance cleaning that you hire for your office. In principle, professional office cleaning already makes sense when two or more people work in your office.

Because the time you and other office employees do not spend cleaning the office can be invested in your work.

A regular professional office cleaning also ensures that you and the employees feel comfortable and stay healthy in your office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should office cleaning take place?

In general: The larger your office and the more employees work there, the more frequently cleaning is needed. For five regularly present office employees, a weekly maintenance cleaning may be sufficient. If 50 or more employees regularly use your office, it may be sensible to shorten the intervals of cleaning tasks and, for example, clean daily.

When can I have my office cleaned?

The times at which you can have the office cleaning done depend on when your premises are used and when they are not. The early morning hours are suitable for office cleaning, if the employees start their workday late, for example, in the late morning. If the employees are in the office early in the morning and leave in the late afternoon, you can have your office cleaned in the early evening. For a longer-lasting deep cleaning, a Saturday is also suitable, for example.

Are cleaning utensils and cleaning agents provided?

Cleaning companies usually bring the appropriate cleaning utensils and professional cleaning agents for their assignments. For cleaners who are private individuals or sole proprietors, it is likely that you will need to provide the cleaning materials and utensils. It's best to discuss this before hiring the office cleaning service.

How much does office cleaning in Munich cost?

Cleaners and cleaning companies on Putzperle.de charge between €12 and €18 per hour for office cleaning in Munich. For a weekly maintenance cleaning at a small office, you can expect to pay about €256 per month if the hourly rate is €16. For a large office with daily maintenance cleaning, costs of €640 per month can arise if you pay €16 per hour and have two hours of cleaning done.