How does work?

What is and how does it work? is a platform where clients and domestic helpers can find each other. Unlike cleaning agencies, works like a contact database, i.e. the domestic helpers are not employed by us and do not have to pay us a commission later on if they accept jobs. This is the quickest way to

Does cost anything?

As a client, you initially use our platform free of charge. You create a profile and describe exactly what you are looking for. You then usually receive suitable applications within minutes. If you want to get in touch with domestic helpers, you have to pay a small fee. This unlocks premium benefits

What are the advantages of compared to other providers?

We bring people together Day after day, we bring thousands of households and companies together with suitable cleaners in Germany. Fair payment for good work Unlike other providers such as cleaning agencies, we do not earn money on every hour worked. You determine your own wage based on your ex

Can I test without obligation?

Yes, using the free basic membership you can test with limited functionality. You can see if there are any suitable domestic helpers in your area on the platform. You can also post a job offer and find out for free whether you receive suitable applications. You can find out more abou

How much does cleaning cost per hour?

You can see how much a domestic helper charges per hour in their profile. The prices range from about 13 to 22 €. Domestic helpers at set their own hourly rate based on their experience and qualifications. Here, you can learn more about hourly wages of domestic help: How much does a do

Is expensive?

No, because with you can save up to € 645.- per year compared to other providers. This is due to our special fee model: No commission payments.The salary you agree on is kept 100% by the domestic help, because they don't have to pay any commission to us. This is the difference to place

What are the agency fees with

At, there is only a one-time fee if you want to use our platform to its full extent, e.g. to write messages or respond to applications. There is no agency fee per hour, as is usual with placement and cleaning agencies. This means that the domestic helpers do not have to pay us a commiss

Are the profiles of the domestic helpers verified?

We proactively review the new profiles and they go through a multi-stage quality assurance process. In addition, the domestic helpers have the possibility to verify their profile. We use the same system for this that banks use, for example. You can recognise a verified profile by the "Verified" icon

Who determines the hourly wage of the domestic help on

You can determine your own hourly wage based on your experience and qualifications. It is best to orientate yourself on the hourly wages of domestic helpers in your region with similar experience and qualifications as you. You can find out more about what the usual wage level is in Germany and how