How do I verify my profile?

Verified profiles ✅ create trust on the platform and your profile will be displayed higher up in the search with free verification. This is because verification compares the details in your profile with those on your ID document.

Who can have their profile verified?

Your profile must be completely filled out and you must have uploaded a photo.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Have your smartphone with camera and your ID ready - that's all you need.

  2. Log in to your user account at

  3. Go to the [Verify profile] button in the menu and click on it.

  4. Follow the steps that are displayed to you.*

  5. Your data will be verified. In exceptional cases, this can take up to two working days.

  6. If verification is successful, you will receive an email and the "Verified" badge in your profile.

If you encounter any problems, start the verification process again from the beginning. If it still doesn't work, please contact us.

*Please note: A camera is required for verification. Since you perform the verification in your browser, it may be that the browser must be given access to the camera. You can easily adjust this in the system settings on most devices - if you are not automatically asked by your browser. Tip: It is best to check the settings before you start the verification process. After making the changes, be sure to return to the verification process.

During the verification process, your identity is checked and confirmed with the support of our close partner pxl-vision. Verification is based on the same technology used by banks and public authorities. The person's photo ID is checked for authenticity. This ensures that the profiles are real people.

With a verified profile, you can gain the trust of users and thus significantly increase your chances of successful enquiries. Take advantage of this opportunity and have your profile verified today! ✅