How do I terminate my household helper?

In order to terminate the employment relationship with your domestic help in Germany, you should follow certain legal and contractual requirements. Here are some steps it is best to follow:

  1. Written notice of termination: A termination must always be in writing in order to have proof of the termination date and the content of the termination. Use a letter of resignation that clearly states that you wish to terminate the employment relationship. Include the date you want the termination to be effective.
  2. Hand delivery or registered mail: The notice of termination may be delivered in person or sent by certified mail, return receipt requested. If you hand deliver the notice, obtain written confirmation of receipt.
  3. Observe notice period: In Germany, the notice period for Minijober is 4 weeks. As long as the domestic help is still in the probationary period 2 weeks. More information about notice periods can be found here.