How do I find a suitable job?

A complete profile is the be-all and end-all.
Before you start your search, fill out your profile as completely as possible. Your profile is the first thing potential employers will look at. Your profile is comparable to a CV in a traditional job application.

So check your profile for completeness before you apply:

  • Upload a nice photo of yourself.
  • Ask former employers for a positive review: you can get up to 2 reviews from outside the platform!
  • Write an appealing description text about your service.
  • Check if your hourly wage is in the same range as the hourly wage of other domestic helpers in your region.
  • You can upload reference letters, references, diplomas or other exciting proofs of employment at any time in "My documents".

Read job offers carefully
Once you have found a suitable offer, read it carefully to see if all the details are right for you. It is best to apply only for suitable job offers. This will give you the best chance of getting the job you want.

Individual messages
Take some time with your applications and write an individual message to the potential employer and be as specific as possible about the job offered. This way you show your interest and increase your chances of getting your dream job.

Keep an eye on current jobs
In the search you can sort the jobs by date of creation. This way you always see the latest jobs at the top of the list and can apply quickly.

Check the employer's login date
Check the employer's login date from time to time, especially if a job offer was created a long time ago. The rule of thumb: Last login today, yesterday or this week - apply! Last login this month or more than a month ago: Please have some patience since in this case it might take a good while until someone responds, they might also be helped out already.

Perimeter of your search
Remember that it is much easier if the job is close to you than if you have to travel a long way each time. Think about which places are easy for you to get to and which are out of the question.

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