Finding the perfect household help

Finding the perfect household help

You have decided to hire a domestic helper, but you don't know exactly how to proceed? To make this process easier for you, we have put together a few tips for you.

The initial interview

Usually, the first contact is made by phone. Trust your gut feeling, get a first get a first impression and decide whether you spontaneously like the person. If the person is to work at your home while you are present, think about how they would feel about it.


In any case, we recommend that you arrange an interview with the employee in order to clarify the most important questions. to clarify the most important questions and thus make a better decision.

Invite the people you like to a personal interview. This can take place at a neutral place, or at your home. This gives the person the opportunity to a picture of the potential place of work. You do not have to pay a salary for the interview.

The following topics should be addressed in the interview:


At the beginning of the interview, explain exactly what the tasks are and what your expectations are. have. For example, is it just cleaning or are there also tasks like ironing, cooking or shopping? part of it?


What experience does your future domestic helper bring with her? Does she have experience with the required required tasks? What jobs has she already done? Does the person meet your expectations?


Can the person provide any training (e.g. gardening) or recommendations / references from other employers? employers? If so, this will give you a good indication of the person's expertise as well as their trustworthiness.


Ask about the employee's salary expectations and clarify the terms of employment. This includes expenses for travel, meals, holiday entitlement, etc.


Of course, the domestic help must be available on the dates you want. However, if necessary, also discuss the possibilities of spontaneous assignments and time flexibility.


Once you have decided on one or more people, arrange a trial assignment. This way see whether the way of working and the completion of the work corresponds to your expectations and whether you can imagine, for example, the person staying alone at your home, when they are out of the house. You do not legally owe any compensation for a time-limited trial assignment. Nevertheless, it is customary and fair to pay a wage for this service as well.

When you have found the right person, also consider our Recommendations for legal employment, with which you can save additional taxes.

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