Employment of the domestic help

What is considered a fair hourly wage for a domestic helper in Germany?

The hourly wage for domestic helpers (incl. social security contributions) in Germany is between € 12 and € 18, with regional differences. The domestic helpers on determine their hourly wage themselves based on their experience and qualifications - and they state this in their profile.

Do I have to insure my domestic help against accidents?

In Germany, employers are generally obliged to take out statutory accident insurance for their employees if they are in low-paid employment (mini-job) or regularly work more than 20 hours a week. If you employ domestic help, you should generally take out statutory accident insurance for them. Thi

Do I have to register my domestic help with the German Health Insurance Fund?

Regular employmentAs long as the de minimis limit for mini-jobs (538 € per month) is not exceeded, you are not legally required to register your domestic help with the health insurance fund. However, if the de minimis limit is exceeded, you must register your cleaner with the statutory health insura

I am looking for cleaning help for my company. How do I hire them?

You can employ your domestic helper through normal employment in your company. If you are currently a private customer, please change your account to a company account. To do this, you can scroll all the way down under "My Profile" and click on "Create Company Profile" in the "Are you acting as a

In which case may a domestic helper work on account?

In Germany, there are several ways in which a domestic helper can legally work on account. Here are some cases where this may be possible: Self-employed domestic help: a domestic helper can operate as an independent contractor and offer her services on account. In this case, she must register a b

Are taxes due when employing the domestic helper?

Yes, taxes may be due when employing a domestic helper in Germany. The exact tax liability depends on various factors, such as the amount of income of the domestic help, the type of employment (mini-job or employment subject to social insurance) and your own tax liability. If you offer low-paid emp

Do I need a written work contract with the domestic help?

A written employment contract is not legally mandatory. An employment contract is subject to what is known as freedom of form and can be entered into orally or in writing. However, there is a high level of risk for both parties when it comes to an oral contract, as evidence must be provided in case

Can I deduct the costs for domestic help from my taxes?

In Germany, certain household-related services can be claimed against tax. These include, among other things, the cost of household help. However, in order to be able to deduct these costs from tax, certain requirements must be met: The household help must work in your household and submit a proper

What happens if the domestic help quits?

If your employed domestic helper wants to resign, ask for a written notice of termination for your records. When giving notice, the agreed or statutory notice periods must be observed. If you gave your domestic help keys or other materials at the beginning of the cleaning work, have them returned t

How do I terminate my household helper?

In order to terminate the employment relationship with your domestic help in Germany, you should follow certain legal and contractual requirements. Here are some steps it is best to follow: Written notice of termination: A termination must always be in writing in order to have proof of the termin