Do I have to insure my domestic help against accidents?

In Germany, employers are generally obliged to take out statutory accident insurance for their employees if they are in low-paid employment (mini-job) or regularly work more than 20 hours a week.

If you employ domestic help, you should generally take out statutory accident insurance for them. This can be done via the Minijob Centre, where you must register your domestic help. The costs of accident insurance are usually borne by you as the employer.

Are you planning to register the mini-job in the near future? The practical "quitt" service is even easier than the Minijob Centre. Quitt takes care of the registration, administration and billing of cleaning assistants for private employers. Simple, fair, digital.

You can also take a look at the carefree insurance from The carefree insurance (Sorglos-Versicherung - website only available in German) covers damage caused by your domestic help to your home and furnishings.

However, there are exceptions and special regulations, depending on the type of employment and the weekly working hours. It is recommended that you enquire with the relevant authorities or an insurance advisor to obtain precise information that applies to your specific case.